About Downtown Women's Center

If we start with unconditional love and build on it with solid core values, we end up with hope – not only for clients but for our ourselves.


Sister Mary Virginia Clark began DWC with Abba House in 1989. Her heart was for the homeless men, women, and children she saw on the streets of Amarillo. It wasn’t long before her work evolved into caring for homeless women with addictions and their children.

In 2001, Sister Mary Virginia resigned and Diann Gilmore became Executive Director. As a license social worker, Mrs. Gilmore was well acquainted with the work of DWC. Under her excellent leadership, DWC has blossomed.

DWC was given full ownership of Haven House in 2007, allowing us to more than double the number of homeless women in recovery that we can serve at one time.

The first retail store, Thrift City, was opened in 2003. The second store, Thrift City 2, opened in 2006. The Uptown Shoppe, an upscale resale store, opened in 2008. Thrift City 3 opened in May, 2010.

In 2011, DWC assumed ownership of Meridian Apartments, providing quality affordable housing for low-income individuals.

Board of Directors:

Diann Gilmore
LMSW-AP, Executive Director
  • Deacon Floyd Ashley, Policies & Procedures
  • Dennis Falk, Treasurer
  • Lance Garcia, Program and Policy
  • Larry Gray, Vice President
  • Charlie Hennessey, DDS, Service Volunteer
  • Lindberg Hezekiah, President
  • DeNise Koetting, Development
  • Muff London, Development Committee
  • Judge Abe Lopez, Program and Policy
  • Eulis Nelson, Program and Policy
  • Joe Watkins, Finance Committee
  • Chris Wrampelmeier, Sec'y/Legal Counsel


Executive Staff:

  • Diann Gilmore , LMSW-AP, Executive Director
  • Donna Soria , Associate Executive Director
  • Jack Hilton , Finance Director
  • Michelle Burton, Retail Operations Manager
  • Ann Sanders, Recovery Program Manager
  • Ashley Lucero, Transitional Housing Case Manager
  • Irene Arnold, ABBA House Case Manager
  • Stephanie Goins, Development Manager

Ladies' Auxiliary

  • Ann Albracht
  • Susan Ashley
  • Tina Brandon
  • Nancy Boyce
  • Linda Kay Bell
  • Christy Chambers
  • Delores Clower
  • Lisa Carr-Hassell
  • Louise Conley
  • Sue Diller
  • Devany Ellis
  • Sue Erwin
  • Suzanne East
  • Susan Fenberg
  • Oralia Garcia
  • Jennifer Gallardo
  • Tenisha Gilbreath
  • Bliss Green
  • Michelle Hogan
  • Peaches Homen
  • Christine Hall
  • Anita Hinton
  • Amy Henderson
  • Anne Jones
  • Sharon Koehler
  • Patsy Kiser
  • Joy Lane
  • Muff London
  • Peggy McGuire
  • Debbie Meador
  • Marty Marmaduke
  • Virginia Maynard
  • Wendy Marsh
  • Pat Murray
  • Mary Olguin
  • Alicia Raffkind
  • Jane Roberts
  • Susan Robinson
  • Anita Ray
  • Carmen Roper
  • Jane Roberts
  • Rosemary Robinson
  • Cari Roach
  • Joan Shelton
  • Mary Schooler
  • Janice Scott
  • Helen Sage
  • Becky Smith
  • Susan Soya
  • Jo Snead
  • Staci Scott
  • Marsha Schrader
  • Chrisy Thomason
  • Irma Taylor
  • Dee Dee Tiffany
  • Carol Tiernan
  • Cecilia Tenorio
  • Lynette Villa
  • Estela Vargas
  • Lil Withrow
  • Sharon Willis
  • Dawn Wells
  • Patricia Ward